Installing KS RACING 2.5′ Mustang Catback Exhaust

Upgrading from your factory exhaust systems to a KS Racing Performance Exhaust System has never been done easier. KS Racing stainless steel exhaust systems offer a more efficient and less restrictive design delivers the sound you want and the power you need. KS Racing Exhaust Systems is the perfect choice for everyday vehicles, to show cars, to custom projects and track cars. KS Racing offers Manifolds, Catback System, Extractors and full Exhaust Systems (extractors and catback).

With all our KS Racing Performance Exhaust Systems being designed and tested in our own performance workshop located on the Northern Beaches Sydney, we understand the ins and outs of installing exhaust systems for many makes and models. So with all our exhaust systems, we have designed them to have minimal droning noise, as well as newer ergonomically designs providing much quicker and easier installation processes. All our exhaust systems are direct bolt on replacements requiring no welding or cutting and is secured using the factory hangar locations. With universal sizes and dimensions, KS exhaust systems are compatible with many other well-known brands depending on your need.

This YouTube video made by our of our members, Tony, explains the process of how he, as an everyday uni student with minimal mechanical knowledge installs our KS RACING 2.5′ Ford Mustang Catback in his everyday drive. Seen from the video, it was a real simple installation that took him roughly 40 minutes to complete.