Strut Brace

KS Racing

Chassis stiffness is never enough. KS Racing’s Strut Braces connects the left and right strut towers together, reinforcing the frame of your vehicle and therefore reduce chassis flex. Strut braces are particularly important as it ties two of the most stressed points of a vehicle together helping to prevent the body of the car from flexing due to a strong forces to one side or the other. It also helps every component in the suspension system do its job properly resulting in the driver feeling the difference through improved turn-in, sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback. With a premium polished alloy materials and powder coated end brackets, not only does KS Racing Strut Braces improve handle but provide a great look on the vehicle.

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Strut Brace for Holden Commodore VE

  1. Fit spacers to the two holes in the strut towers.

2. Sit strut brace ends in the position and drill the 3 bolts holes
Note: large type spacers for the inner bolt hole

3. Fit strut brace ends with bolts and spacers from inside wheel arch and tightens it lightly.

4. Fit strut brace to the end plates, making sure the bar is adjusted to the correct length.

5. Tighten all bolts